Ichimoku Analysis & Strategies - Charles G. Koonitz

Ichimoku Analysis & Strategies

By Charles G. Koonitz

  • Release Date: 2019-08-10
  • Genre: Investissement


With a completely different approach compared to traditional Western indicators, Ichimoku provides a solid boost to improve the quality of investment decisions in any financial market: stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, index funds, commodities, and Forex. The Ichimoku system is a revolutionary system based on six components that allow the detection of new trends, thus preventing the trader from buying in riskier areas. Experienced traders will confirm, entering a trend market is undoubtedly the best way to cash in profits. 
The Ichimoku system has several advantages, including: 
• Autonomous system that can be supported by other indicators • Clear rules for buying and selling • Projection of support and resistance levels in the future • Charts are freely available for all traders The Ichimoku system, developed in Japan, allows the generation of key trading signals in a single chart. No more analyses that include a dozen different indicators. This system has conquered the Asian markets and is about to invade the West. The system is very popular in the Forex currency market. Ichimoku has six components, including five curves with different time horizons, which help to delineate risk areas. 
This book will be a valuable tool to help you: • Understand the components of Ichimoku • Know how to interpret alerts and signals • Understand the role of emotions in trading • Discover five simple and profitable strategies • Understand how to speed up the triggering of signals • Know the trading rules associated with the types of transactions • Use other indicators in support of Ichimoku This book also provides an overview of the basic concepts in technical analysis that apply to any method of analysis. More than 100 color graphics and tables are present to facilitate the learning of the reader. With Ichimoku, no matter the target market, the analysis remains the same.