How To Meet New People Guidebook - Keith Schreiter & Tom

How To Meet New People Guidebook

By Keith Schreiter & Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

  • Release Date: 2018-01-24
  • Genre: Entreprise et management


Do you want to meet new people easily? Want to bond with new people quickly?

Instantly remove fear, shyness, and rejection. Follow these little formulas for stress-free introductions and conversations with strangers.

Meeting new people is easy when we can read their minds. Discover how strangers automatically size us up in seconds, using three basic standards. Once we know how and why strangers will accept us, meeting new people is easy. We can control the outcome.

We don't have to be a psychologist or an outgoing superstar. All we have to do is use these little formulas to instantly bond with the new people we meet.

Can we feel good about meeting new people? Absolutely. Instead of dreading that first encounter, we will look forward to meeting new people and controlling the outcome. Our fears go away when we know how to engage people successfully.

The payoff for learning this skill? Think of the power we will have to create new contacts, new networks, new business, and new friends. And we can use this skill anywhere, anytime, on-demand when we need it.

Make meeting new people an awesome experience.

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